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Planning a vacation on your own can take a lot of fun out of the vacation. Finding an excellent travel advisor or travel agent can take a lot of the stress of planning off of you so that you can enjoy your trip. can help to locate travel planners that offer great discounts on the trips that you want to take.

Hawaii, Europe, Australia, can get you there cheaper and faster than any other travel service on the internet. We have an extensive network of travel agents that work together to find only the best deals and offer them to you.


If you're looking for excitement, then one of theLas Vegas deals might be for you. Las Vegas is the city that treats you like Kings and Queens. Make this trip to Vegas special with a Las Vegas Tour. There is so much that the city has to offer besides golf, casino life and 5 star food and hotels, the sites and sounds are an adventure all to themselves. When you are booking your flight and hotel stays make sure to also book a couple of Las Vegas Tours to round out your exciting couples or family vacation. A Las Vegas tour can be like a trip around the world in only under 2 hours.

Vacation time is here again and this year it is time to push your vacation destination boundaries. Get your passport in order and schedule an amazing vacation in beautiful Macau. Macau tours are some of the most luxurious and history packed tours in the world. You can go from modern Hong Kong to places that have been kept in the tradition of the ages of the Dynasties. After you historically rich Macau Tour excursion, relax in a 5 star American branded hotel, play some cards or the slots and have a story worth telling when you return.

Touring the world doesn’t have to be expensive.  In fact, there are several deals available to world travelers every day; it just becomes a matter of finding the deals.  

Spread across the internet, found at different services like Kayak and Expedia, travelers can find the lowest prices on airfare, hotel stays and more.  However, Contact Tours does something a little differently and that small difference makes it so much easier to see the best deals all in one place.  Among some of the deals that Contact Tours has now are for the places where tourists most want to see.  

Ever want to visit Las Vegas, Macau, or even Paris, France?  We have found the best travel packages around and make them available to our customers.  There’s nothing to sign up for, no additional fees, just great prices for great travel.  

Vacation planning can be made easy with our help.  Discover the Contact Tours difference and start getting more luxury for your money.  Stay at the best hotels, eat at the finest restaurants and for much less than you would expect to pay.  Through our contacts in the tourism industry, we can also book you special packages at bed and breakfasts anywhere in the world.  You just pick the country you want to visit, tell us what kind of hotel you would like to stay in, which air service is your preference and how long you want to stay.  We then send you the packages that are available, with no commitments. 

There’s no money to pay upfront when you are just getting a price quote.  We can even price match several of our competitors.  If you find lower prices on the exact same package, then we will price match by refunding the difference! That’s right!  Contact Tours is working for you.


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